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Case Study: Reflex Affiliates x Innogames

Project Information: 
Client: Innogames 
Relationship: Since 2017.
Main Project: ForgeOfEmpires.
Other Projects: Elvenar, Rise of Cultures, Sunrise Village.
Goal Of The Project:
Attracting active players globally for ForgeOfEmpires.
Optimizing the allocation of marketing budgets to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for the ForgeOfEmpires.
Generating leads with a high retention value for ForgeOfEmpires.

Differentiating performance marketing strategy:
A/B testing creatives and regularly optimizing. Direct engagement through gaming websites and display channels.

✅ Lead engagement through demographic, behavioural,
and interest-based targeting.

 Managing client case with a direct account manager who focuses on real-time traffic monitoring and data reporting.


For the entire period of the partnership, Reflex Affiliates brought over 1 million players to the project

✅ 60000 payments were made in the game in 2023.

✅ Reflex Affilites achieved not less than 80% log-value quality points after the first week of registration.

It has been a great journey so far with Reflex Affiliates.
Thanks to the quick responses and valuable sources Reflex has brought to us,
our spending in 2023 is now 8 times bigger than it was in 2017
We are looking forward to our great collaboration in the years to come!

Phuong Tran

Junior Marketing Manager, InnoGames

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